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Cyprus Property Blog by Cleo

Buying Property in Cyprus is a great investment choice and we discuss various aspects.

Paphos, Cyprus Luxury Properties are our Specialty

We have all seen a home that we instantly fell in love with. I have seen and shown many properties in and around Paphos where my clients Paphos Cyprus luxury propertyand I have thought that it was the best home we have ever seen. Some lucky people can fall in love and then turn around and buy such luxury or even take the ideas as inspiration on their quest for the ultimate living experience. True luxury is in the eye of the beholder of course and what we value is different for everyone. Paphos however is an ideal spot for so many different reasons and you won't be alone in your decision to buy a luxury property here!   

In my business where I get to not only see a number of these homes every year but also have to do diligence inspecting and analyzing the value and the best way to market the home or what improvements and repairs are needed. It is our job as agents to give our honest opinion and professional advice.  Although many owners don't want to hear our staging tips which may include removing some decor that was chosen with care and love but is not to everyone's taste.  We have to tell sellers the hard things but ultimately it will help get the home sold. We know what buyers want, what helps sell a high end home and how to keep both parties happy with all aspects of purchasing a home and living in Cyprus!   

There are many successful expats that live in or have lived in Cyprus.  Many business travelers dealing between the three surrounding continents often visit and then decide to reside in Cyprus or have a second home to either do business from and/or purely for relaxing. I have had the pleasure to meet many distinguished men that have worked with Kings and Amir's with homes they have built that are as intriguing as their stories. I remember my first viewing of such a property. I was struck by not only the cost to construct such a mansion but also the exclusivity you feel surrounded by such high quality and luxurious homes.  I never thought I would be specializing in selling and listing these homes!     

There truly is no better place to build your dream luxury home. With so many lovely locations and great craftsman who can tailor your home from handmade stone entrances, personalized mosaics to fantastic engineers and architects that will design and build your home to your every specification. There are also many resale properties in Paphos that have been renovated to the highest standard where no expense has been spared or you can do it all yourself. We can help you find the right home in a good location and with good bones then we can help you makes it yours!

You can arrive in Paphos and within minutes you can be tucked in your villa enjoying life as you wish whether it is playing golf, going to the beach or just laying by your private pool watching the sun set over of the sea!  

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Cyprus Property is Hot! Now more than ever. There are over 20 million northern Europeans (European baby boomers) that have retired in the last few years which is a great number and many will be British. Many have been waiting for the financial crisis to past before they make the move to Cyprus. With warm weather, low crime rate, low cost of living in Cyprus and English speaking population, do you think Cyprus will have enough properties for every one?