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Buying Property in Cyprus is a great investment choice and we discuss various aspects.

Cyprus Independence Day & Greek National Day - October 1st & 28th

Cyprus has many holidays and the next one is upon us, Cyprus Independence Day. The holiday is celebrated on the 1st of October every year.  Cyprus became an independant country after a four year war from 1955 until 1959 against the British. Cyprus was a former British colony between 1878 until 1960. The island actually gained its Independence on August 16th,1960 altough it is celebrated on the 1st October. Independence Day is celebrated with festivals taking place at schools and within local communities. The largest celebration of this day is held in Nicosia with a military parade.  It is also one of the bank holidays.

The next holdiay is also in October on the 28th and is Greek National Day otherwise known as Oxi Day. You will see Greek flags adorning all buildings, along all streets and everywhere you look to commemorate the day on October 28, 1940 when the Greek Prime Minister rejected the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.    This day is also a bank holiday and one of fifteen throughout the year.

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Published Wednesday, September 29, 2010 2:16 AM by Cleo Shahateet

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Cyprus Property is Hot! Now more than ever. There are over 20 million northern Europeans (European baby boomers) that have retired in the last few years which is a great number and many will be British. Many have been waiting for the financial crisis to past before they make the move to Cyprus. With warm weather, low crime rate, low cost of living in Cyprus and English speaking population, do you think Cyprus will have enough properties for every one?