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Cyprus Property Blog by Cleo

Buying Property in Cyprus is a great investment choice and we discuss various aspects.

There is more to life than crisis

If you are reading this, you are most likely thinking of buying or selling a property in Cyprus. Whether you are buying or selling there are some major decisions to be made.  With the troubles all over the news, many people are opting out of the process. They choose to stand by and wait for everything to calm down and see what happens before proceeding with their plans.

I think it is wise to understand where you are in the world and to know as much as you can about the issues that concern you however, I don't think that waiting is a good idea for many people. Life is too short to just sit and wait for change to happen before you do what you want. I learned a long time ago that all we have is today. Tomorrow may never come and yesterday is gone, so we have to live our life and deal with whatever comes next.  If you listen to the experts, you would have never known that a crisis was coming and some experts thought it would be over last year while others predicted it would be over early in 2009 and others predicted late 2009. I can find experts who cover every period from now until 2011 or even beyond.  My point is to just live, only you know what you are passionate about, what you like to do and want accomplish in your life, so why wait? If you want to sell, then be serious and sell, find out what you need to do because even in a slow market there are buyers who are also waiting to find the right price and they will be ready to move. If you sell at a lower price because the market brought your property's value down, then the property you are looking to buy is probably also lower.

If you are looking to buy but you are waiting for prices to bottom out then, what if the bottom is now? No one knows, even if it is not now how long are you willing to wait? What if you are retiring and you have made these plans to buy for a long time, should you just continue to wait for the world to tell you that now is the time?  I don’t think so.  There are many great deals to be had.  I have seen properties sell far below what I think the market will depreciate to. I have seen crazy offers accepted by sellers who are not so crazy, but very wise. They are knowledgeable enough to know that life is more important than profit margin, financial crisis, housing market or economic disasters. They know that you only live once and it is smart to make the best of it.

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Cyprus Property is Hot! Now more than ever. There are over 20 million northern Europeans (European baby boomers) that have retired in the last few years which is a great number and many will be British. Many have been waiting for the financial crisis to past before they make the move to Cyprus. With warm weather, low crime rate, low cost of living in Cyprus and English speaking population, do you think Cyprus will have enough properties for every one?