Paphos Schools & Education

Many families with school aged children often ask us about the choice of schools available in Paphos. There are a few options and below is a brief summary of all the available schools in and around Paphos. If you have something to add please let us know so we can share it here. 

There are four main private schools in the Paphos area all of which are accredited. After completing GCSE "O" and "A" levels children can receive career and educational guidance in order to choose the right University whether it is in the UK, the US, Australia or the EU. Students and teachers come from a variety of backgrounds making for a dvierse, rich educational experience. 

The International School of Paphos is in the Mesogi/Mesa Choria area near to the centre of Paphos and has been educating children since 1987. It is a private English speaking school from Kindergarten - 12. The school has a fantastic campus that opened in 2006 with many modern facilities. The staff at the school are equally impressive with many teachers having been there for 20+ years.  Families, parents, staff and the community are involved with the school in many ways to help students become responsible, well rounded, global citizens.  
Tel: +357 26821700 Fax: +357 26942541
The Learning Centre (TLC) is based in St George and is a Private school that has classes from ages 3 - 18. TLC's mission statement is for every child to be inspired, to aspire and to achieve! Tel: 357 26 910226. Email:
Aspire is currently based in Peyia and is building new school premises in the Tomb of the Kings area. They have small class sizes and try to cater to each child's individual learning style. The school also uses the British National Curriculum. 
The American Academy in Limassol has been in operation for over 22 years and a new Paphos campus opened in 2010. The school follows a modified  English National Curriculum. 

In addition to the English schools, some families opt for Greek schools. In each village there are local Greek school that can be an option for children just starting their education.  As always, I would recommend visiting each school, speaking with the teachers and also visiting the schools when school is in session to get a good feel for the school. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.