Gardening can be a year round event in Cyprus, with perfect temperatures to grow just about anything you desire. With a bit of research, a good local nursery for advice and a bit more work you can have a lovely garden. Cyprus offer you beautiful flowers of all kinds, a variety of fruit, olive, nut trees and variety of vegetables to enjoy. In many cases with very little effort you can grow a healthy looking garden to be proud of throughout the year. Of course a little rain will help!

Whether inside or out, plants turn your property into a home and give it colour, character, identity and invites you and your guests to relax and enjoy. Is there anything better than sitting under the shade of a grape vine with cool breezes and eating fresh vegetables from your own garden?  Is there anything sweeter than a ripe, dark fig bursting with flavor and warm from the summer sun?  Or the health benefits of olive oil or the bitter sweet taste of artificial chocolate made from the carob trees? Carob trees are seen throughout Cyprus and protected by law.

Knowing what to grow and where to grow it is especially important when deciding how to landscape your property. There are many things to consider and none are more important than what you personally value. Do you enjoy spending a lot of time in the garden pruning and trimming? Are you looking for easy maintenance yet a decorative assortment? Whether its privacy or fresh produce that you want  these are things to consider before embarking on this task.  The key factors to consider when planning your Mediterranean garden in Cyprus are location, how much sunshine a day is in the area to plant, sea level, altitude and what type of soil is needed for the particular plants that you wish for.

It is advised to do your research into every aspect of this venture as in any project good planning is key to success. If after you study the facts you are still unsure of what you need to do, then hiring a professional to help you make the decisions will save the hassle or the cost of having to start over again if not done right.