Selling 101 - Home Showings




Getting Ready for Home Showings

As a Licensed Estate Agents in the Paphos market we have the expert knowledge of that it takes to sell your home. Together we can acheive a stress free and seamless sale.  If Cyprus101 has already been chosen to market your property, we have already discussed the physical work that it takes to get a home ready through Home Staging .   But, there are many other events that may take place while the house is on the market. Here you will find the basics and the realities of showing and selling your home.

Be Ready for a Viewing at  All Times

Sellers need to know that same-day and last-minute requests for showings are common, so a seller that requires 24 hour notice, has a key holder, a tenant or is otherwise difficult to get hold of may lose out on many potential buyers.  The only time a property should require notice is if it is being rented out to tenants as they will need some notice which has to be discused and determined with tenants before the home is on the market. 

If it is  difficult to get hold of a seller or showings are difficult to schedule less viewings will result and it could likely take longer time to sell the home.

Flexibility is Key 

When showing a prospect several homes in one day it is often difficult for an agent to pinpoint an exact time that they will be at each home. We try to arrive within the scheduled showing time, but sometimes it isn't possible. We may be there too early if a buyer just doesn't like a few homes from the outside they may not even want to go in so we arrive at your home earlier than planned or many other reasons.  The customer is always right and we want our buyers to have a positive expereince and to look at or not look at a home for as long as they need to in order to help them make the right decision - we wouldn't want them backing out of a deal at the last moment because something was overlooked!  We will always try to call if we anticipate a delay but it is not always possible.

I also strongly encourage sellers to arrange to be out when a viewing is to take place so potential clients can take a good look around without being interrupted. 

For Sellers Who Want to Be Home

A seller being home is nearly always a bad idea. Home owners may think agents and buyers won't be able to find everything and that they must be there to sell the house and point out upgrades or what they perceive as selling points. Honestly though, most just want to be there to see a buyer's reaction firsthand. However, the reaction in front of the seller won't be the real one.  

Sellers should also know that buyers don't feel comfortable when they are present, and that it can kill a sale. Buyers won't feel free to open closet or cabinet doors when the seller is home, and when they cannot properly view a house comfortably or speak openly with their agent, they will hurry up and move on to the next property.

Sellers want to talk, and not just about the house. A buyer may be turned off by the mood of the seller, or by a statement the seller makes. Buyers are there to look at the house, not chit chat about hobbies or the weather or worse--politics and other controversial topics. In addition, you want them to remember the home not you. If you are ever-present and chattering away they will rememeber the lady or man in the home more than the features and the actual home.

If sellers must be home during a showing, then it is best to either go outside or stay in one location, not wander around with the agent and buyers.

Pets Should be Controlled

Dogs should be outside of the house during showings, especially big dogs, since many people are afraid of them. Many people don't want to even go in a house of they think there is a dog inside that may jump or may have made a mess in the home. All pet toys, bowls, beds or anything else should be kept tidy or out of site.

If there are pet odors it must be dealt with. Luckily in Cyprus, there is very rarely wall to wall carpet and pets are out doors most of the times, but it is still a touchy subject as many sellers are not always aware of odors in their own home and that includes odors from smoking - full ashtrays should be removed also.  

Working Well Together - Agents and Sellers

Sellers generally are just trying to help. Sellers can have a role in the sales process, however it needs to be one that is truly helpful and that won't negatively impact showings. An agent was hired to do their job because they are the profesionals and are unbiased about a property and we make it our goal to really know the needs and wants of our buyers making us your best advocate in your real estate transaction. We wouldn't have brought them to view your home if we didn't think they would love it! We are happy to discuss this further and look forward to achieving sales in a professional manner that makes everyone relaxed and happy with the transaction.   After a viewing we will always provide feedback from our buyers so you are not kept wondering.