There is More to Cyprus Than Property and Good Weather.

We hope you find this list useful. Pleae let us know if we left something out or just tell us what you think people visiting or living in Cyprus must experience.  Enjoy!   

101 Reasons to Live in Cyprus

  1. Traditional Cypriot Meze – a never ending meal of small, authentic & fresh Greek food.Souvlaki a traditional Cyprus food.
  2. Limassol's wine festival – taste the local Cypriot wines and many others in a festive atmosphere.
  3. Skiing on Mount Olympus – you can see snow and the Sea on the same day!
  5. Cyprus Museum, Nicosia – a collection of Cypriot treasures.
  6. Lady's Mile Beach on the Akrotiri Penisula  
  7. Amazing early morning hot air balloon flight over the Paphos area
  8. English is spoken by most Cypriots and all signs are in Greek and English.
  9. Fun Buggy Safari’s in Paphos – a self guided, self drive quad tour
  10. Excellent public and private educational system.
  11. 24-hour bakeries (Zorba’s) with fresh bread, pastries and cakes.
  12. Paphos Medieval fort that was built in the 13th century and sits at the end of the Paphos Harbor – great views from the top!
  13. Romance is always in the air since it is the island of Love/Aphrodite
  14. Baths of Aphrodite in Polis
  15. Moufflon Sheep only found in Cyprus is under protection as an endangered species with only 2000 remaining.
  16. Excellent, inexpensive medical facilities
  17. You are always only minutes from the beach (except in Nicosia which is about 25 minutes away)
  18. Agia Napa nightlife – lively, fun town where you can dance ‘till dawn! 
  19. Fig Tree Bay and Flamingo Bay - beautiful spots for subathing and relaxing!
  20. Paphos market where you can find inexpensive, hand painted canvases by Greek artists
  21. Fresh Fish Meze – you have to try the Cypriot Trout!
  22. Souvla & Kleftiko – two traditional Cypriot meat dishes
  23. Lefkara Village where you can see villagers making traditional Lefkara lace and filigree silver.
  24. Tavli’, the Greek version of Backgammon, you can see men playing this game at coffee shops around the island.
  25. Coffee- cold Frappe or Cypriot are great at any time of the year
  26. Thalassa Spa in the Latchi, Coral Bay area.  Have a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure in style and comfort!
  27. Troodos- Best rural destination award
  28. Picturesque villages to wander and explore a slower pace of life.Dried Fruits and Nuts in a stand on the Paphos Harbour area
  29. Fresh and tasty local fruits and vegetables
  30. Any one can purchase property
  31. Inexpensive local Cypriot wine and lovely Cyprus wineries to tour
  32. Low cost of living compared to other EU countries
  33. Location: Crossroads of 3 continents
  34. Modern Banking System with several competitive choices such as: Alpha Bank, Laiki, Hellenic & Bank of Cyprus.
  35. Low cost of property compared to other EU countries
  36. Modern legal system
  37. Low crime rate
  38. Very low pollution
  39. Climate: 340 Days of Sunshine
  40. Panoramic views of the Mediterranean
  41. Ayia Kyriaki in Paphos old town - on the foundations of an early Christian basilica.
  42. Romantic wedding or honeymoon destination
  43. Water sports: swimming, sailing, parasailing, boating, body surfing and scuba diving
  44. Fishing- Sea or Fresh water
  45. Nature trail hikingNature trail along the sea in Paphos
  46. Golfing on a number of courses year round
  47. Cycling- there are several mountain trails with great scenery
  48. Premier cruising destination
  49. Archaeology that dates back 10,000 years
  50. Bird watching in the winter - Flamingos, Herons, Egrets, Vultures, Kestrels and Glossy Ibis
  51. Population or lack of it. (854,300)
  52. Beautiful rugged coastline
  53. Greenback turtle habitat
  54. Byzantine churches protected by Unesco
  55. Apples from Prodromos & Cherries from Pedoulas
  56. Mineral Water from Moutoullas
  57. Rose water, mineral water and wine from Agros
  58. Fresh Cypriot Olives
  59. Traditional Cypriot hospitality
  60. Cypriot Brandy Sour
  61. 1800 species and subspecies of flowering plants
  62. 128 species of flowers can only be found in Cyprus
  63. Tombs of the Kings where people were buried between 3rd century B.C. and 3rd century A.D.
  64. Nea Paphos or New Paphos is the excavated remains of a 4th century B.C. city that is still being excavated and a UNESCO sitePaphos, Cyprus Mosaics near harbout
  65. Kalamatianos -  traditional folk dancing
  66. Bouzouki,  a traditional instrument played throughout Cyprus  
  67. Churches and monastaries  protected by UNESCO
  68. Akamas Peninsula & National Park
  69. Coral Bay- Sandy beaches and lots of bars, restaurants & action.
  70. Cape Lara which is the nesting ground for green and loggerhead turtles.
  71. Pottery shops by local artisans
  72. Girne Gate is the old entrance to Nicosia when it was surrounded by walls
  73. Paphos Harbor is a good place for a walk or to sit in one of the café’s or enjoy a meal at one of many restaurants
  74. Paphos Odeon - a 2nd century Odeon still used for music and theatre
  75. Tekke Hala Sultan in Larnaca is one of the most important Muslim shrines
  76. Salt Lake in Larnaca turns into salt beds in summer and feeding ground for Flamingos in winter
  77. Local Halloumi & Fetta cheese  
  78. Carnival Celebrations in Limassol & Paphos for one week.
  79. Cyprus Orange treesHigh educational level in labor force.
  80. Superb infrastructure with advances transport and telecommunications network. 
  81. Lowest corporate tax rate in the EU at 10%. 
  82. One of the lowest statutory personal income tax rate at 30%.
  83. Kourion – ancient multi-tiered theatre
  84. Kato Pafos Archaeological Park
  85. Historic Limassol
  86. Green Monday celebrationsGreen Monday
  87. Kataklysmos (Festival of the Flood) or Christian feast of Pentecost
  88. Nicosia walled City
  89. Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations
  90. Carob trees and the many desserts that are made from them
  91. Ayia Napa Water Park and Paphos Aphrodite Water Park
  92. Limassol Castle
  93. Baths of AdonisLoukoumades is atraditional Greek sweet found all over Cyprus
  94. Keo - the local Cypriot beer
  95. Ayia Kyriaki is one of the oldest Church’s, constructed in the 4th century, thousands visit in the spring to see the flowers depicting passages from the Bible.
  96. No Tax on the first £10,000 of income earned.
  97. Double taxation treaties with many countries- free yourself of your country’s high taxes.  
  98. Lountza, cured pork
  99. It is almost impossible to get hopelessly lost on an island.
  100. The Avakas Gorge in Akamas (Paphos District)
  101. St. Paul's Pillar, where St. Paul is said to have been flogged
  102. The thousands of stars that are visible in the night sky